Kayla Hamel

Kayla Hamel

Certified Personal Trainer


USA Weightlifting Level 1

Burgener Strength Weightlifting Level 1

Crossfit Level 1

About Coach

I grew up in a musical family, not an athletic one. I went to college for elementary education and received a master's in reading. and taught elementary school for 8 years. It was in college that I started to understand the importance of physical activity. I joined Fixed on Fitness which was at that time an outdoor Bootcamp. Through Fixed on Fitness I quickly began to realize that nutrition and mindset were just as important in my lifestyle transformation. When Fixed on Fitness moved indoors I become a certified personal trainer, swapped career paths, and joined the gym life full time. Since making a lifestyle transformation, I have completed multiple races, ultra marathons, a 50-mile run, obstacle runs, and CrossFit competitions.

Turning Point

As a child, I grew up overweight and unhealthy. When I joined Fixed on Fitness in college I decided to make a lifestyle transformation. As an adult, my degree and profession were in elementary education. I am now a certified, full-time personal trainer. Through all of these life experiences, I have had to silence my thoughts of doubts and fears. The ones that say I can never live a healthy lifestyle or I am not equipped to work in my current career path. The voices that speak a lie. I remind myself daily to speak the truth. The truth is your comfort zone will kill you. The truth is we were all designed to live a life of adventure. The truth is that if you are willing to work, and work hard, we are all capable of pursuing a healthy life that can be lived out to the fullest!

Motivation & Passion

My purpose for coaching is to educate, encourage, and strengthen people on their way to a healthy lifestyle. I want members to know that no matter what their circumstances are or how they grew up they can become strong and stay strong- mind, body, and soul!

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