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Strength and Conditioning in Milton, FL

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Strength and Conditioning

What can you expect from the strength and conditioning classes at Fixed on Fitness?

Every workout helps you look good, move well, build lean muscle, and still have the energy to attack the rest of your day.

During our classes, we blend high-effort conditioning with slower, quality work so that you will make gains but still recover.

Strength work is balanced so that you will build muscle from head to toe without overtraining any one area at a time.

Our training is designed to help develop more mobility and better movement in every workout.

We understand that random workouts = random results, so our workouts are never random and always intentional.

Movement quality and control are prioritized in every workout so that you won’t be pushed into sloppy reps before developing strength.

We want you to be excited about training, not stressed about injury, a leaderboard, or “scaling” a workout.

Our goal is for you to have fun and get results regardless of your fitness level or experience in the gym.

At Fixed on Fitness, we offer {THREE} class options:

LIFT: Build a STRONG body, LEAN muscle, and a RESILIENT mind with our 45-minute LIFT class.  This class focuses on strength training with {THREE} track options - Perform, Hybrid, and Fitness.

CONDITION: Get SWEATY, HUSTLE hard, and feel ACCOMPLISHED with our 30-minute CONDITION class.  This class is built around high effort, strength focused conditioning.

STRENGTH + CONDITIONING: Build a STRONG body, LEAN muscle, and get SWEATY with our 1-hour Strength + Conditioning class.  This class will focus on both strength and conditioning, and will include our {THREE} strength tracks - Perform, Hybrid, and Fitness.

LIFT and CONDITION can be done alone or in combination for a 1-hour 15-minute class.

Whether you have 30-minutes, 45-minutes, 1-hour, or 1-hour 15-minutes, we've got a class for you.  Can't make one of our flexible class times?  No problem.  We've got open gym hours throughout the day.

All of our classes are led by one of our highly trained and experienced trainers.  A certified personal trainer will guide through a warm up, movement instruction and demonstration for the workout.  Once the workout begins, your trainer will guide you, encourage you, and correct any movements performed during the workout.

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